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Bike Inn female partner ‘Jean’ embarks on Level 2/3 IMI  Accredited Mechanic Training Course 4 days into wk 1 of the 2-week course, and I am hooked!! Up until now, I had left the mechanics side of the business to Jon and David, the Tutors, whilst I concentrated on running the business. My previous mechanical
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Want to see what’s new in The Bike trade? Skip forward to 22minutes 45 seconds to here our tutor Jon speaking about why you should train at ‘The Bike Inn’, and what we offer.
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The Bike Inn team will be present at 2019 The Bike Place Show from Sun 30th June to Tues 2nd July Come and visit us at The Bike Inn stand for information and promotional offers.
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What an experience! With a New Orro Bike for 5 days riding, 500miles and 50,000 feet of climbing. Self-supported, 1 car to transfer baggage, and 8 riders cycling through fantastic scenery. Epic event with local club cyclists. Beautiful places visited, taking in Nice, Genoa, La Specia, Sienna, and finally riding through Tuscany to Rome. I