Modular Bicycle Mechanic Training
Silver - Week 2 Level 2 & 3

In this weeks sessions Jon and David introduce you to the current modern cycle technologies giving you the knowledge and accredited qualification to enter the industry. You will complete your Level 2 qualification but also be taught additional valuable content that can be used to gain a Level 3 qualification.

  • Mechanical disc brake repair and adjustment
  • Hydraulic brakes - compatibility, hoses, fluids, pad replacement, brake bleeds and hose adjustment/replacement, calliper repair and servicing
  • Suspension forks repair and maintenance - lower leg and full servicing, suspension setup (compression and damping)
  • Wheel Building - spoke, hub, rim selection and measurement, wheel lacing and building, wheel repair/truing and complex/factory wheel technology and repair
  • Customer requirements - bike geometry/characteristics, bike fit, component selection, Customer complaints, quality control, consumer legislation
  • Tubeless and tubular tyre setup and repair
  • Sealed bearing technology and repair/replacement
  • Press Fit Bottom Brackets - developments, repair, replacement and conversion
  • Electronic Gearing - introduction, installation and diagnostics

Cost: £1045

20% booking deposit required

Week 1 Level 2