Modular Bicycle Mechanic Training - Week 1 Level 2

Designed for all levels of knowledge from struggling home mechanics to those already in the trade. Jon and David will deliver practical and theory sessions, growing your confidence and knowledge before you embark on week 2. Week 1 will have prepared you to complete your level 2 qualification and exposure to Level 3 technologies delivered in week 2​

Modular Bicycle Mechanic Training - Week 2 Level 2 & 3

In this weeks sessions Jon and David introduce you to the current modern cycle technologies giving you the knowledge and accredited qualification to enter the industry.

Modular Bicycle Mechanic Training - Week 3 Level 3

Completing week 3 will give you the highest level professional accredited cycle qualification that is internationally recognised. Jon, David will deliver practical and lecture sessions using the latest equipment and techniques.

3 Days Wheel Building

Learn to build wheels to the highest standards. Jon, an internationally acclaimed wheel builder taught by Alf and Teresa Webb will demystify the "black art" through practical and theory sessions!

Two Day General Maintenance

We give you an understanding of the tools and techniques to allow you to completely strip, rebuild and refurbish your own bike under our supervision and support. We supply cables at no cost to you. Any other spares required will be supplied at below (much below!) retail cost. ​Course Dates: We can organise these to suit you and we welcome group bookings. Ask us about weekend and evening courses to suit your needs. If its practical we might be able to come to you. ​

One Day Hydraulics Course

The course covers principles of hydraulic brakes and suspension.Jon and David will walk you through braking and suspension system by a mixture of theory and practical sessions ​ Cost: £200 Accredited Level 2 qualification at additional cost ​ Level 3: Delivered by a suspension specialist at our Appleby facilities you will learn how to maintain high end systems.