Our Bike Inn Community

As we evolve here at the Bike Inn, we are continually thinking of new ways to bring the cycling community together – whether here in Cumbria or further afield, face to face or online.

Our Bike Inn students travel to us from far and wide, from home and from abroad. The training course is just a part of the whole Bike Inn experience – each week our attendees bond over their shared passion for bike mechanics, and by the end of each course they have invariably formed a tight knit group, as well enduring friendships. Graduates of the Bike Inn have access to our Graduates Facebook page where discussions, opinions and advice flow freely.

As with all avid cyclists our students, customers and staff members alike are always keen to rack up the pedal miles, and whether here in the beautiful Cumbrian countryside or in their own corner of the world, will track their performance statistics with a view to ever improve them. The rivalry is evident – but always, always friendly!

Which is why we recently created our Bike Inn Strava Club and we would like to encourage anyone and everyone, whether student, customer or simply a local cyclist, to join the group and add your rides. They need not be here in Cumbria – wherever you pedal – whether for performance or pleasure – we would like you to share your achievements, ride stats, pain points, progress, routes, recommendations – even the sights you see from the saddle. We all share a common passion for cycling, so let’s get together and congratulate (or commiserate with) each other. This is particularly relevant right now as we stare the Covid-19 second wave in the face, and endure the necessary social restrictions we need to take. You are not alone!!

Helmwind Cycles is now ensconced firmly within the Bike Inn family, working in their on-premises workshop, and offering the very highest standard of maintenance and repair – carried out by professional bike mechanics who are themselves Bike Inn graduates (of course!).

Many of our local clients are already ‘friends of the Bike Inn’ and are quite used to seeing members of staff out and about on their bikes in the evenings and at weekends.

Well, now there is more to look out for – and a good reason to, too!

A few weeks ago we were very excited to receive our first batch of the newly redesigned Bike Inn / Helmwind Cycles cycling kit. New recruit Martin is currently on a return-to-full-fitness kick, so is out and about along the lanes and over the fells on a regular basis, gradually ramping up his distance – catch yourself a photo of him in his Bike Inn jersey, or better still a selfie with him – and we will give you 10% off your next service, repair, maintenance or parts purchase.

We will also be getting a supply of long sleeved jerseys, and there are Bike Inn cycle shorts too for the complete look. If you would like to purchase your own Bike Inn kit, please call in, drop us a message or give us a call…

… And if the cycling kit isn’t your fashion choice this year, we also have a new stock of 500ml drinks bottles, a snip at just £5.00 each.


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