Why Do I Need A Bike Fit?

Bike fitting – what exactly is it?

A Bike Fit session is an invaluable aid to any cyclist looking to optimise their performance.
You may have trained to peak performance, and your bike may be tuned to mechanical perfection – but if bike and body don’t work together in absolute harmony then you’re never going to achieve the maximum efficiency of output.

So… what’s involved?

Well it’s just you, your bike, and one of our qualified technicians. Yes, measurements are taken and numbers crunched – but it is so much more than that! The real magic happens when you and our mechanic start communicating. You see, not everyone is the same – you may be roughly the same height, build and weight as another person that rides the exact same bike as you – but you’re both going to need a different set up that precisely reflects your physiology. Our mechanic will guide you through a series of small changes in position, posture, angles, motions and applications – as well as tweaking the ‘fit’ of your bike.

It sounds so simple. Not so in reality though – a successful bike fit requires an understanding of bio-mechanics, and how performance is impacted within the confines of a particular bike build. The technician also needs to know how changing the build parameters are going to influence outcomes and benefit the rider.

However, it is not a ‘dark art’ as some would have you believe. Nor does it require a lot of high-tech equipment with expensive licenses. What it does take is time and communication between rider and mechanic – because at the end of the day it’s all about making the bike fit you, NOT the other way around!

And how will you know when it’s right?

You’ll feel it! Yes, you will instinctively feel that sweet-spot of bike/rider unison – and that, as they say, is what it is all about!

One of our lovely clients and friends here at The Bike Inn, had a bike fit session with Martin shortly after he arrived back here with us in the summer. This is what she had to say about it...

I’m writing to say how pleased I am with the bike fit I had a couple of months ago.

I feel that by now I’ve had a chance to experience the immense benefit I gained from it.  I’ve found that since the bike fit I have been able to improve my pedalling technique - something I had been trying to do for a while, but without being on the bike in the correct position I wasn’t able to!  I feel more confident on the bike, especially when descending, and find it more comfortable when I’m getting into an aero position.

I also find it easier to ride at a higher power output for longer – I am bio-mechanically more efficient, I guess…  I’d definitely recommend this service to other cyclists, worth every penny!

Thanks again for the fantastic all-round service I’ve received from The Bike Inn and Helmwind Cycles, keep up the excellent work!


Having a professional bike fit is not just a one-time fix. As an avid cyclist - particularly one continually working to improve your overall performance - you're going to find that as your cycling changes, so will your needs and requirements. This is why we have priced our bike fit so competitively when measured against the same service offered by others - to continue pushing your goals, you'll want to keep on fine tuning both your bike and yourself! Depending on your levels of fitness and performance, you may expect to return every six months to a year - it all depends on you.

Our bike fit sessions are currently bookable online, on Saturdays and Sundays. The appointment takes around an hour, though can be longer – everyone is different after all! We charge a basic fee of £50.00 at time of booking, which will cover the initial time and any small mechanical adjustments that may be needed. Additional time is then charged at our standard £30.00 an hour rate, and any parts used or replaced will be charged separately.

You can book your bike fit appointment through our online booking system here

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