Tightening a wheel

The First Course Since Covid

So, half way through our first lvl 2 IMI qualification course after the Covid-19 and all is well.

lacing a wheelWeek 2 began with hydraulics (brakes and front forks) and progressing into wheelbuilding for a few days, yes that’s right, a few days to learn how to competently build wheels.

This course is a bit experimental for us since the Covid virus has meant changing the way we approach tutoring, the way we equip students, the degree with which we can offer 1 on 1 training.

Tightening a wheelSo far this has been really successful with the introduction of individually tooled workstations with only the major engineering tools being shared utilizing appropriate precautions. 

With 7 students to 3 instructors, we have the ability to concentrate on individuals where we need to but still be mindful of other students.

We are very proud of the way we work and the success stories we have helped along the way, at the same time being flexible to change with the times or conditions.

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