A little bit of light from a satisfied student in the Covid Gloom

So, this is a summary, with no amendments, from a recent student, the last course before COVID shutdown.
We support our students when they leave the unit, and keep supporting them until they are established in business.

Hi Jean,

I did Part 2 in early March and I was planning to do Part 3 in May but it’s obviously all change now.

I thought the course was first class in every respect.

In my humble opinion;

The balance between theory and practical was just right. Jon’s knowledge, enthusiasm and attention to detail was brilliant and Dave was a great foil, in that he came across as very practical, pragmatic and field (event) based.

The number of people on the course (7) seemed perfect. I think our group was probably a good group since a lot of people had a decent amount of mechanical experience and ability to start with.

The assessments were a bit of a pain but I understand the need for these for an accredited course. (I completed all of write up’s within a week of finishing Part 2. I would recommend that approach to future participants else you can forget the detail of what you did, so the task could become harder)

I also thought the information about where to get spares (and the suggested start up list in the Data Room), where to get tools (and what tools) etc was very beneficial. I now have an account with the Cycle Division (via Martin) and I have received my initial “set up stock” based on the Bike Inn list. I am awaiting delivery of some Unior tools via Dave, expected in early April.

Once I get the Unior tools I intend to start up a part-time cycle repair service in Durham City (home based but including pick up & drop off), with the meduim term hope of retiring from my day job in a year or two.

I have developed a simple web site that will go live once I have the Unior tools. I have also developed a marketing flyer that I intend to “pin to a few gates” on the cycle trails around Durham. I think this is know as Gerilla Marketing!)

In summary I thoroughly enjoyed the week, I can’t speak highly enough about the The Bike Inn, and I’m really looking forward to Part 3 …. when ever that that might be possible!

I stayed at the Kings Arms in Kirby Steven (10 miles away) for £30 per night. It was clean, quiet and one of the best breakfasts I have ever had …. highly recommended.

Best Regards
Simon Taylor

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